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My Favorite Films

It may be rather obvious what #1 will be by taking a quick gander around the site, but anyways, here’s my favorite films of all time.  Hope you all enjoy, and if you have never seen some of these check them out, there all great for their own reasons.  What are some you your favorite movies? Continue reading


This week I was planning on reviewing Korpiklaani’s new album “Ukon Wacka”, but because music stores find it more important to order tons of Korn albums that no one is going to buy than to order the new releases of the week I have to wait till next Tuesday to pick up my copy(except for Mariposa Milano Cd store, who admitted that they made a mistake and placed their order for the American release date, so they are forgiven.  And if you happen to be in Milan, check the store out, they got a great selection of metal albums and merch, they’re located at the Duomo metro stop, the most central place in Milan), so I should have my review for it up on Wednesday or Thursday.

So, today I bring you another edition of Music Video Mania!!  This one is dedicated to fans of metal, and music in general.  Fans are what make the world of metal go round.  Without the fans buying albums, going to shows, picking up merch and t-shirts, and most importantly, talking about and spreading word of their favorite bands, the world of metal would cease to turn.  Some fans start blogs to talk about metal, some fans start cover bands, some fans wear their favorite bands t-shirts till they are rags, some fans invite other friends to metal shows, others just talk with others about metal, but whatever they do they strengthen the metal community.  This edition goes out to the people who take the time and use their talents to make their own music videos to their favorite songs and post them up on youtube.  I’ve posted quite a lot of videos and there is others I don’t want to leave out, so in the future I will do another editon of Music Video Mania for the fans of metal.  If there are fan videos that any of you out there know about, let me know!!!!  Since there are so many fan videos out there, it’s hard to find them all.  Hope you all enjoy this edition as much as I enjoyed making it.  Peace, Love, and Metal!!!! Continue reading

Here are some of my all time favorite songs in no particular order.  I’m allowing myself one song per band or else I would have a list filled with way too much Iron Maiden. Continue reading

One of my favorite parts of the Christmas season is rewatching all of my favorite Christmas movies and tv shorts.  In all of these films there is something magical that always gets me into holiday spirit.  So, without any further ado, here are my favorite Christmas films.  Enjoy!!! and Happy Holidays!! Continue reading

2010 was a top notch year for music, so many great albums were released.  Here’s my top ten picks for 2010 A.D. Enjoy!!! Continue reading