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If one wants a gimmick to work there are really only two ways to go about making it succeed. The first is to take the Amon Amarth approach and be completely serious about it, the other, and more difficult way is to do the complete opposite of that and not take the gimmick entirely serious and just have fun with it. Scottish Pirate Metal outfit Alestorm‘s latest album there is a song about pirates traveling back into time to battle vikings and steal their gold and a song called “Midget Saw”. I think it’s pretty obvious where these metal buccaneers hoisted their anchor. Continue reading


It’s now July 2011 and we have hit the halfway point in the year. So far there have been tons of outstanding metal releases and there will be some upcoming releases to hit in the second half of the year(September is going to be one hell of a month). I’d like to present you with my top 10 favorite albums to be released so far in 2011. Let’s see how many maintain their hold till the end of the year. A few I haven’t gotten around to reviewing but be sure that will eventually pop up soon. And as always, what were your favorite albums for the first half of 2011. Peace Love and Metal!!!! Continue reading

For many people, metal isn’t just music, it’s a way of life, it’s an attitude and can not be put into words.  The way of metal is quite universal around the globe, but the styles of expression found  in different regions differ.  European bands seem to be more influenced by their culture, The U.S.A and is more influenced by current events and current states of mind, Middle Eastern bands put a lot of their culture and also current events into their sounds.  There is no rule to which region creates certain metal sounds, but it’s quite evident that certain styles are more popular in different areas. Continue reading