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Ah, the 90’s, the prime years of my adolescence, the end of middle school, all of high school, and a little bit of college.  The 90’s are also where my musical tastes started to really develop, and coincidentally enough is where metal really started to branch out and explore a lot of different regions of the musical landscape.  What I have here are some videos and bands that really defined the decade for me and also create a picture of what the 90’s were like from a musical stand point.  Some of it isn’t exactly metal, but my list and I like the songs and videos 🙂  See you next time when I dig up some videos from the ancient time of the 2000’s.  Enjoy, Peace Love and Metal!!! Continue reading


Ahhh, the 80’s.  Such an interesting time period.  During the 80’s a T.V. channel was launched that defined multiple generations.  Obviously, that channel was MTV.  The only place on T.V. where you could watch these things called music videos and watch other crazy pop culture programming(who remembers Remote Control?).  Over time the MTV changed the style of their programming with success with neat animation programing(Beavis and Butthead anyone), funny sketch comedy(The State), odd ball variety programming(I really need to find a DVD collection of Liquid Television) and news programs(did you know The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart got his start on MTV).  Until recently, they were all about music, and their high point was in the 80’s and early to mid 90’s.  One of the programs on MTV I used to watch religiously was every metalheads favorite program “Headbangers Ball”, a full hour of nothing but my favorite stuff in the world, Metal!!  In a way, these MVM posts are my homage to the great “Headbangers Ball”, and I wish that MTV would get it’s shit together and go back to making the great programming they did when they first started out and not these atrocious reality programs they show today(Did they forget what the M in MTV stands for??).  Today I will be bringing you some of my favorite music videos from the 80’s(I think this will have to be a 2 or even 3 parter), so go grab a Tab, tease your hair up nice and big, and put on your bleached jeans and enjoy the 80’s metal. Continue reading

Germany is one of my favorite counties to visit.  There’s so many cool things there.  Beer, culture, history, Oktoberfest, currywurst, bratwurst, bier, castles, punctual trains, cool people, clockwork, and more beer.  Germany also houses some amazing and influential metal bands. Today I will be bringing you some of the best Germany has to offer.  Deutschland, du bist wunderbar!!! Prost!!!  Frieden, Liebe, und Metall!!! Continue reading

Sometimes the point of a video is to make the viewer uncomfortable yet intrigued while watching, much like watching a good horror movie.  There are many theories out there that look into why we, as people, search out different forms of art in order to frighten ourselves.  Many of these theories counter each other, but more or less all come back to one topic that seems to be relevant throughout each theory, curiosity.  The human race is quite a curious race of beings, we always want to know what’s over the fence, and when we can’t see what’s past the barrier, boy do our minds think up some crazy stuff.  Think of the movie “Seven” by David Fincher, I’m sure the one scene that stuck in your mind the most was the “What’s in the box” scene.  We don’t know immediately what was found in the box, but have a good idea that it’s something not good.  And by not showing what is in said box, David Fincher allows our minds to conjure up the most horrifying thing possible.  Genius in horror film making.  The main reason people watch these psychological horror movies, in my opinion, is to evoke fearful emotions that can not be evoked in everyday life.  And by overcoming these fears aroused by the film, that makes the viewer in essence stronger and less afraid of everyday fears. Continue reading

Well, since there has been such an influx of great new Finnish metal albums pouring in this month I thought I would continue my Worldwide Metal theme with an episode dedicated to the country that seems to be producing some of the best metal in the world right now.  Without any further ado, here’s your Finnish metal!!! Continue reading

For many people, metal isn’t just music, it’s a way of life, it’s an attitude and can not be put into words.  The way of metal is quite universal around the globe, but the styles of expression found  in different regions differ.  European bands seem to be more influenced by their culture, The U.S.A and is more influenced by current events and current states of mind, Middle Eastern bands put a lot of their culture and also current events into their sounds.  There is no rule to which region creates certain metal sounds, but it’s quite evident that certain styles are more popular in different areas. Continue reading

This week I was planning on reviewing Korpiklaani’s new album “Ukon Wacka”, but because music stores find it more important to order tons of Korn albums that no one is going to buy than to order the new releases of the week I have to wait till next Tuesday to pick up my copy(except for Mariposa Milano Cd store, who admitted that they made a mistake and placed their order for the American release date, so they are forgiven.  And if you happen to be in Milan, check the store out, they got a great selection of metal albums and merch, they’re located at the Duomo metro stop, the most central place in Milan), so I should have my review for it up on Wednesday or Thursday.

So, today I bring you another edition of Music Video Mania!!  This one is dedicated to fans of metal, and music in general.  Fans are what make the world of metal go round.  Without the fans buying albums, going to shows, picking up merch and t-shirts, and most importantly, talking about and spreading word of their favorite bands, the world of metal would cease to turn.  Some fans start blogs to talk about metal, some fans start cover bands, some fans wear their favorite bands t-shirts till they are rags, some fans invite other friends to metal shows, others just talk with others about metal, but whatever they do they strengthen the metal community.  This edition goes out to the people who take the time and use their talents to make their own music videos to their favorite songs and post them up on youtube.  I’ve posted quite a lot of videos and there is others I don’t want to leave out, so in the future I will do another editon of Music Video Mania for the fans of metal.  If there are fan videos that any of you out there know about, let me know!!!!  Since there are so many fan videos out there, it’s hard to find them all.  Hope you all enjoy this edition as much as I enjoyed making it.  Peace, Love, and Metal!!!! Continue reading

Music Video Mania

Ok, so this is something I am going to do on a weekly basis from now on, or maybe a couple times a week if I happen to be bored.  I am going to post a handful of music videos, sometimes there will be a theme, sometimes they will be completely random selections.  Let me know if y’all have any ideas for themes and or have a band you would like me to include.  For today I am going to start off this segment completely random.  Enjoy!!!! Continue reading