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After my review of Moonsorrow’s “Varjoina kuljemme kuolleiden maassa” I got to thinking(don’t worry, I didn’t hurt myself too bad).  When I look back at some of my all time favorite albums, a lot of them are concept album.  I love the idea of telling a story through music and appreciate when a band holds a common theme, musically, lyrically, or both, throughout a full album.  For me, the concept album turns a collection of songs into one big event, therefore making listening to an album front to back much more satisfying.  So today, I am going to share a handful of my favorite concept albums(limiting one album per band) with you all.  And, my dear readers, what are some of your favorite concept albums? So let’s get started!! Continue reading


Here are some of my all time favorite songs in no particular order.  I’m allowing myself one song per band or else I would have a list filled with way too much Iron Maiden. Continue reading

2010 was a top notch year for music, so many great albums were released.  Here’s my top ten picks for 2010 A.D. Enjoy!!! Continue reading