Ciao all. My name consists of characters existing in the Latin alphabet, I am a New Jersian living in Milan, Italy with my hot wife, have more than 30 years of living on Earth under my belt, I’m pretty tall, and I also like things. Those things which are pleasing to me I will write about in this here blog. Mainly I’ll be writing music album, movie, book, and video game reviews.

A general consensus of my tastes in those subjects are as following:

Music wise, I’m a huge metal fan, but I do enjoy many other genres of tunes. I’ve been a huge Iron Maiden fan since I was a wee lad. Never got into stuff like AC/DC or the satanic hyper-violent shit. My musical tastes usually come in phases, one day I’ll be proclaiming that Dream Theater is the greatest thing since the inception of the wheel, the next I’ll be saying that Finntroll have changed the musical landscape with the genius idea of conjoining polka(Huumpa for the purist) and metal and are the most important thing to happen to the planet since the Big Bang. My favorite “sub”-genres of metal in no particular order are straight-up metal, power metal, progressive metal, folk metal, stoner metal, new wave of British/American heavy metal, and pretty much anything that has huge guitar harmonies/solos and crunchy grooves. Some bands that I always go back to and listen to multiple times include Iron Maiden, Tool, Blind Guardian, Pantera, Dream Theater, Clutch, Between the Buried and Me, and most recently Eluveitie and Korpiklaani. Non metal-wise I dig on some Beatles, Springsteen, Dispatch, Zeppelin, and Clapton. And I hate electronic/club/house music wtf ever you may call it.

Ok, on to movies. If you didn’t catch the movie quote in the name of my blog, I’m a huge Big Lebowski fan. I also enjoy films with lots of adventure(ex. The Goonies, Indiana Jones), Sci-fi/Fantasy(LOTR, Total Recall), Comedy Horror(Dead Alive/Braindead, Evil Dead Trilogy), Action(Die Hard), Comedy(Dumb and Dumber, The Big Lebowski), Crap(Troma flicks), and so many others. I’d rather not waste your time by listing them all here. Pretty much if it’s interesting, funny, or holds my attention and doesn’t star Sarah Jessica Parker, I like it.

Books, Books, Books. Love em’. Nothing transports you out of this world quite like a good book. As with movies, there are so many different genres I enjoy, so, I’ll just make a short list of some of my favorite authors. Kurt Vonnegut, George R.R. Martin, Terry Brooks, Chuck Palahniuk, Jostein Gaarder, Dave Eggers, and Carlos Ruiz Zafon. Sorry if I left anybody out, but there’s just too many.

And finally, those little bits of electronic crack commonly known as video games. Being a child of the NES era, I have a certain passion for Nintendo branded products and games with Nintendo-hard difficulty. Mario and Luigi, Link and Zelda, Samus and Mother Brain, Simon and his whip. Always a joy to play, domo arigato Mr. Myamoto. OK, enough reminiscing. Along the way growing up with those nice friends there, I’ve also met a few more. Those other friends are RPG’s, action games, strategy games, adventure games, and brawlers. At the moment, I own an Xbox360 and a Wii, so those are the systems you’ll see review coming from, and I will also toss in a few retro reviews too.

That’s about it, enjoy.  If you’re interested in my outward aesthetics, check out a couple pics here.