So I know I have been completely neglecting this blog for quite a while, and without making any promises, I will be trying to pay more attention to my personal blog a bit more.  If you were unaware the reason for my negligence is that I was putting my time and energy into A Metal State of Mind with my buddy Reggie and we saw a huge increase in readership and all that happy stuff.  It was and is and will continue to be great!!!  Me and Reggie also started a short-lived video game blog which was recently assimilated into A Metal State of Mind, so what started out as a metal blog, now also has the occasional video game post, 2 of my favorite things.  Now, while I still think that the bulk of my writing will be going on over at Metal State, I will be trying something a little bit different here on my personal blog.

Along with an occasional update on what I’ve been doing on over at Metal State, I will be writing more personal posts here about whatever I feel a muse to write about when the blogging bug hits me.  I figure that it will mainly be opinions, complaints, and grievances on things going on around me or little snippets about my travels around the world.  There will be other stuff, just don’t know what yet, but one thing for sure, I will be trying to pay more attention here.

Also, later today I will be posting my Top 15 Albums of the Year over at Metal State, so be sure to head on over to check that out.  It was one hell of a year and music and I’m happy with just about every music purchase and every minute I spent listening to music in 2011, let’s hope that 2012 is just as awesome, if not better!!  Peace Love Happiness and Everything In Between!!!!!