For those of you who may not meander onto the other blogs(A Metal State of Mind and What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse) that I write for here’s some links to some other stuff I wrote.  Check it out.

Theme Thursday Posts

On Folk Metal

Blind Guardian Retrospective

The Softer Side of Metal

Amorphis Song Meaning

Unlikely Cover Songs

Awesomely Awful Metal Videos


Me rambling on about the world of heavy metal

Not in Defense of Morbid Angel

The Way of the Physical Format

Pain of Censorship

Positively Metal


There is a good handful of metal news posts over there too, but by now they are a bit outdated, anyways, go on over and check em out.  For my posts on my other new video game themed blog “What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse”, I’ll just repost them here since there isn’t to many yet, enjoy.