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Disclaimer: OPINION

Recently at this years E3 a rather unknown game company, 505 Games, released information about a new game that they have under development. It is about a group of mercenaries going to Africa to take out warlords and drug dealers and it will utilize your entire body by allowing you to play using Microsoft’s new toy, Kinect. Sounds all fine and dandy, right. Many games in the past have used this set-up for a game countless numbers of times(sans Kinect of course) and none of us have questioned the morality of the game once. So why is this game getting such a large amount of attention? It’s just going to be another FPS where you go and kill the bad guy, right? Well, the thing is, all those other mercenary games were based on fantasy, this game however is going to be based on and titled after PMC(Private Military Company) Blackwater. For those who don’t know about the PMC Blackwater, they were indicted on charges of war crimes in the Middle East as well as other charges(a quick Google search will get you up to speed).

The thing that really grinds my gears about this is not because the the game is based on Blackwater, it’s the fact that that Blackwater themselves will be involved in the making of the game. With their fingers in the batter, you can be sure that the cake is going to come out according to their recipe. I feel it will be one sided and give glorification and verification to PMC’s. And the business of PMC’s is something I highly disagree with. Currently, we have enough trouble with areas such as the Middle East and don’t need PMC’s adding fuel to an already raging fire.

I’m sure there are good and honest people working for Blackwater, but even a couple bad eggs in the bunch can cause more of a mess than it’s worth having them policing the areas that they are hired to. We live in an information age where virtually anyone can be anywhere at anytime. So if a diplomat really needs to talk with a leader it is possible to do so over something like Skype or even the telephone. It is not necessary to risk the lives of living human beings to attend a meeting.

Last year there was a game under development called 6 Days in Fallujah and it was to chronicle the battles and horrors that happened in Fallujah during the massacre. From a technical standpoint the game was looking quite good and was on the road to being released. The main goal of the game was presented to the developers, Atomic Games, by a group of Marines who took part in the battle of Fallujah. Those Marines had played many military based games before and after the battle decided it was right to show the game playing public what it was really like during a battle and massacre they were part of. They wanted to show the horror, injustice, and the wrongfulness of war and they signed on with Atomic Games to bring their idea to reality. They wanted to show everything, from the murder of innocent civilians to the fear the soldiers had while searching houses. In the end, publisher Konami backed out due to the controversial and ultra-realistic nature of the game and as of now the game is completed and awaits a brave publisher to release it.

Now, how can a game that tackles the reality of war be lost in limbo where a game such as Blackwater is on full steam to see the light of day. Something doesn’t add up.

I came across an episode of The Game Overthinker and I mostly agree with what he says, so head on over and give the video a watch and listen to what he has to say. He also adds a bit more to the argument here.

Now, the game isn’t released yet and is still under development, so all of my thoughts on it are mere conjecture at this moment. Who knows, maybe Blackwater will show all the sides to the story, maybe they admit that the PMC’s are the bad guys. Maybe the game will turn out like crap and no one will play it or pay it mind, other than the politicians who look to censor video games, and in that case I’m worried.

War sucks, period. And it should be in the interest of everybody to do what they can to prevent it from happening and not glorifying it or supporting those who profit and encourage it. I do respect the troops of the military and they have done good things in the past even if I don’t agree with what the military itself is doing right now(America in particular).

What do you all, the gaming public think on this topic of Blackwater? About games that glorify war?(Maybe I’ll go into that a bit more one day) About games such as 6 Days in Fallujah dealing with the horrors of war being lost in limbo but other games that don’t show the grim nature of war seeing the light of day? Let your voices be heard!!

If you would like to contact 505 Games and let them know what you think of their game they can be reached at

Until Next Time, Peace Love and Video Games!!!!