Guitar virtuoso Buckethead’s musical style is just as eclectic as his fashion sense.  He creates avant-garde compositions deeply rooted in funk, rock, metal, jazz, and pop.  In 2005 he teamed up with a full cast of musicians and songwriters and created the album Enter the Chicken.  To say this album is diverse is an understatement.  He explores musical styles ranging from trance to hip-hop to metal to full on shredding.  Everyone who listens to this album is sure to find a song or three that they will enjoy.

Musicians that join Buckethead for this venture include Serj Tankian of System of a Down, Efrem Shulz of Death by Stereo, hip-hop poet Saul Williams, Ethiopian singer Gigi, Iranian singer Azam Ali, Buckethead’s old bandmate Maximum Bob, and Dirk Rogers and Keith Aazami of Bad Acid Trip.  The songs of the respective guests fit the style of the artist.  “We Are One” has a quirky guitar riff and a style that could be mistaken for a SOAD song, and Serj Tankian’s unique voice is lended to “Coma” with Azam Ali and has a trancy middle eastern sound to it.  Gigi gives a great heartfelt performance on “Running from the Light” and Maximum Bob relives the  insanity he had with Buckethead when they played in Deli Creeps together on “The Hand”.

Of course all these songs wouldn’t come together so great if it weren’t for Buckethead’s amazing guitar work.  He ties all the song together perfectly using his arsenal of styles to compliment each guest perfectly most notably on “Three Fingers” with Saul Williams and “Botnus” with Efrem Shulz.  He also has two solo instrumental songs on the album and the song “Nottingham Lace” contains one of the most emotional guitar solos he’s ever written.

I recommend giving this album a spin.  I would consider this Buckethead’s most accessible work and is a great gateway into the twisted world of the bucket wearing guitarist.  The variety should keep you entertained and engaged throughout and the superb guitar work will keep you hooked.  I can honestly say there is something on this album for just about everyone.