At the time of writing this post my music collection now consists of 1098 albums going across 416 different bands and artists and if I were to play it all the way through it would run non stop for 40 days, 11 hours, and 46 minutes.  Within my collection of music there is many styles and genres of music mainly grounded in metal, rock, classic rock, and alternative music with many oddities strewn throughout.

Given I have put a lot of time, passion, and money amassing a music collection of this size I would like to get the most out of it so what I am going to start doing is 3-4 times a week let my music program select an album at random.  I will give the selected album a good listen and then let you all know my thoughts on it.  For me this will allow me to listen to some classics that I may not have heard in a long time and also allow me to rediscover some albums I have neglected.  I hope that you all enjoy this little project and if you have any album requests let me know, if it’s in my library, I will happily review it.

Peace, Love, and Metal