After the breakup, pursuit of various side and solo projects, the coming together for a final time for a last show for the fans, going back to said projects, then coming back together yet again to play a benefit concert for Zimbabwe, the boys of Dispatch have made amends and by a chance of fate got snowed in together and used that time trapped together to find each other again and write a handful of new material.  Being quite happy with what they written together after not joining together in the creative songwriting process in nearly ten years, they recorded the songs that were written and now are available to us fans in a nice cute little EP.

On this EP you see the influence the separation had on the band.  Their styles heard on their solo and side projects is quite noticeable here and that’s not a bad thing at all.  The maturation of each member of the band melds very well with the other.  And for being a band that was extremely musically mature to begin with, Dispatch are able to create a great preview of things to come(I hope 🙂 )

The EP kicks off with a great rock song called “Melon Bend” and features great vocal work by Brad Corrigan with the rest of the band perfectly complimenting his voice with their harmonious back up singing.  The “crying” guitar sounds build a perfect mood and the chorus really digs its hooks into you.  Following “Melon Bend” is my personal favorite song of the EP, “Con Man” starts out as a terrific jammy reggae song and soon incorporates some great use of steel drums and eventually goes full out rock and roll by adding in some rockin’ electric guitars turning the song into a great funky reggae/rock song.

“Valentine” is a great acoustic love song that has a great “Dylan” vibe to it and “Beto” is a nice little mid-tempo rock song in which they make great use of some killer bass lines.  “Broken American” is truly delightful song featuring some great banjo playing and a nice Americana/Springsteen feel to it.  The closer to the EP is “Turn This Ship Around” and it’s a slow paced that finishes off with a wonderful guitar solo at the end.

In the end this is a very good EP from independent music legends Dispatch and it’s great to have them back in the game.  While I don’t think that this EP is on the same bar and doesn’t grab me as their earlier studio releases, it’s still a great listen and I would recommend you giving it a spin.  Hopefully Dispatch enjoyed making this EP so much they would really put their minds together and release a full length album.  And remember that they have some big fans living in Europe when it comes time to tour(hint hint, Milan, hint).