The boys of BTBAM do it yet again.  This time managing to squeeze hours worth of music and complexity into a three song EP.  On The Parallax:Hypersleep Dialogues BTBAM create a 30 minute musical journey into fantastical parallel planes of existence and reality where 2 characters have to come to terms on making a godlike decision that may have catastrophic effects.  And since this is a precursor to the full length album which will be released in the near future, this is just an introduction to the masterpiece that BTBAM has in the works, and I couldn’t be more excited to hear it.

Let alone the complex narrative that BTBAM is conjuring up, this EP is chock full of musical landscapes, odd themes, and pure beautiful chaos in the typical BTBAM fashion.  And the typical BTBAM fashion is them constantly redefining and reworking the idea of making beauty from chaos.  The album starts of with a heavy sci-fi operatic keyboard intro on the song “Specular Reflection” and from there jumps into BTBAM insanity of an out of control roller coaster ride in space and doesn’t let up for the entire EP.

Don’t let yourself be fooled by the short length of this EP, in the end, when you’re finished listening to it in its entirety you will be just as satisfied as if you had listened to a full length BTBAM album.  I don’t have really much more to say on it other than that it’s killer, go out and pick it up, you won’t be disappointed.