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After the breakup, pursuit of various side and solo projects, the coming together for a final time for a last show for the fans, going back to said projects, then coming back together yet again to play a benefit concert for Zimbabwe, the boys of Dispatch have made amends and by a chance of fate got snowed in together and used that time trapped together to find each other again and write a handful of new material.  Being quite happy with what they written together after not joining together in the creative songwriting process in nearly ten years, they recorded the songs that were written and now are available to us fans in a nice cute little EP. Continue reading


Like any true appreciator of music, I do not limit myself to just one genre of music.  Metal may be the main style of music I listen to and probably will always be, but sometimes it’s nice to mellow out and enjoy something that is a little less in your face but still gives me the same satisfaction of musicianship, passion, emotion, and energy that metal gives me.  Here’s a little list of some of the artists that I fancy outside of the metal realm.  Enjoy, and as always, leave comments and suggestions, I always love hearing something new and great.  And now that I am doing bits for “A Metal State of Mind” I will be moving away from metal centric posts on this blog and trying to encompass all the music that I love(and don’t worry, I’ll still be reviewing metal and talking about metal here, just maybe a bit less, and I haven’t given up on the Music Video Madness bit either, I’m just being lazy.) Peace Love and Music!!! Continue reading

Head on over to “A Metal State of Mind” and read my ramblings on the physical format of a music album and other things(I go off track for a second).  And leave your thoughts and opinions, we like you think over there 🙂

Since it’s been said that if your going to put your opinion on something you might as well put your name and face.  And since this blog is based around my opinions I might as well put my face somewhere on in, the name stays private :), you can call me the Dude if you’d like, lol, or just Housebroken 🙂 .  So here are some non-incriminating pics of me.  Enjoy!! Continue reading

While digging around in the bargain bin at my local media shop I came across a game called Darksiders.  I had remembered hearing some decent press about it, the screenshots on the back of the box seemed interesting to me, and the price was right so I picked it up.  When I got home and finally got around to popping it into my Xbox360 I found myself rather impressed by a title that I had thought would be an average time killer. Continue reading

Comedy in video games is something quite rare.  I can only think of a handful of games that can make me honestly laugh my ass off with truly genuine jokes and situations.  The first Portal, a toss in bonus game that was included in Valve’s deal of the century, “The Orange Box”, blew me away.  Let alone that the ingenious gameplay concept was one of the most original ideas I’ve seen in a game in years, the humor and writing in it were honed to perfection spurring one of the biggest memes in internet history, “The cake is a lie.”  Valve had created an unintentional monster and Portal went on to be lauded as on of the best games of this current console generation(and according to many reputable game sites, the best game ever).  Valve had some hefty expectations to live up to when making a sequel to a game held in such high reverence.  And did they do it, well in short, you better bet your ass they did. Continue reading

The boys of BTBAM do it yet again.  This time managing to squeeze hours worth of music and complexity into a three song EP.  On The Parallax:Hypersleep Dialogues BTBAM create a 30 minute musical journey into fantastical parallel planes of existence and reality where 2 characters have to come to terms on making a godlike decision that may have catastrophic effects.  And since this is a precursor to the full length album which will be released in the near future, this is just an introduction to the masterpiece that BTBAM has in the works, and I couldn’t be more excited to hear it. Continue reading