Ah, the 90’s, the prime years of my adolescence, the end of middle school, all of high school, and a little bit of college.  The 90’s are also where my musical tastes started to really develop, and coincidentally enough is where metal really started to branch out and explore a lot of different regions of the musical landscape.  What I have here are some videos and bands that really defined the decade for me and also create a picture of what the 90’s were like from a musical stand point.  Some of it isn’t exactly metal, but my list and I like the songs and videos 🙂  See you next time when I dig up some videos from the ancient time of the 2000’s.  Enjoy, Peace Love and Metal!!!

Pantera-5 Minutes Alone

Man was I big into Pantera in the 90’s, they were also my first metal concert which pretty much corrupted me from there on in and brought my love of metal to extreme levels.  Here’s the video for “5 Minutes Alone” off of my favorite Pantera album Far Beyond Driven.  I love he super close ups on the guitars, such a neat effect.  RIP Dime!!!!

Alice in Chains-Nutshell

When MTV used to be cool, they had this thing they did where bands would hang up their electric instruments and effects and perform a concert with acoustic instruments, it was called Unplugged.  The results were really good hearing a different take on some of the popular bands of the time.  Hell, I even enjoyed the Nirvana set(I don’t really care much for Nirvana).  The best set to come out of that program was Alice in Chains unplugged set.  Layne Staley, you stupid stupid idiot, thanks for some great music, RIP.

Dream Theater-Take the Time

What’s as cool as listening to Dream Theater, watching Dream Theater.  Man, can this band jam.  Here’s the video of the song that’s off the album that got me into Dream Theater.

Faith No More-Evidence

Many say that FNM were ahead of their time when they burst out onto the scene.  I think that they were right on time, listening to modern music nowadays I can hear the definite influence that FNM provided.  At their time of release they were the fresh breath of air that the metal/rock scene needed.  They had huge success with their first album The Real Thing and continued to wow fans with each subsequent release.  “Evidence” is one of my top favorite FNM songs, so smooth and catchy.  And as always, Mike Patton’s legendary voice is in full effect perfectly creating a nice chill mood.

Incubus-Take Me to Your Leader

Speaking of bands taking influence from FNM, Incubus were one of the top offenders on their earlier albums.  “Take Me to Your Leader” is off the EP Enjoy Incubus and IMO is one of the best things that Incubus ever produced.  I love the goofy funk metal style to the album and the lyrics are bat shit crazy, but somehow intelligent at the same time.  Over time Incubus changed their sound quite a bit, and I still enjoy them to this day, but their earlier stuff was the best for me.

Kyuss-Demon Cleaner

Kyuss pretty much invented their own style of music, now known today with the cheesy label of “stoner metal”.  They pioneered the genre along with Monster Magnet driving listeners into a groove filled trance and writing some majorly influential albums.  As of writing Kyuss are on a reunion tour(without Josh Homme) and should be playing a show in your area very soon.


What would a list of 90’s music videos be without one of Tools twisted visual mindfucks.  “Stinkfist” was also know as “Track #1”.  Why, because some people thought that the term stinkfist was too offensive.  I remember watching “120 Minutes” when this song was debuted and host Matt Pinfield stated that he didn’t agree with the name change and if you want to know the name, go out an buy the album.


I was lucky enough to catch these guys live not to long before some stupid asshole driving drunk killed singer Lynn Strait and band mascot Dobbs the dog.  These guys had the potential to be pretty damn huge with their hybrid of hardcore punk, funk, and metal.  Live and on the album Get Some they were just oozing with raw energy.  RIP Lynn Strait.

Suicidal Tendencies-You Can’t Bring Me Down

Do I really need to say anything to state how awesome ST is?  Pure motivational metal.

Megadeth-Train of Consequences

In the early 90’s Megadeth were at their high point releasing legendary albums such as Rust in Peace, Countdown to Extinction, and Youthanasia.  “Train of Consequences” is my favorite video that Megadeth has released with its vast array of creepy characters aboard the train.

Primus-Mr. Krinkle

Les Claypool, best bass player, period.  What that guy can do with a bass guitar blows my mind along with how innovative he is with it.  And he’s also quite a unique character and his personality fits perfectly with the music he creates.  I love how creepy and dark, yet absurdly goofy this video is.  And also how it was shot all in one take, not an easy task to pull off, especially when your leading a parade of circus freaks.