Ahhh, the 80’s.  Such an interesting time period.  During the 80’s a T.V. channel was launched that defined multiple generations.  Obviously, that channel was MTV.  The only place on T.V. where you could watch these things called music videos and watch other crazy pop culture programming(who remembers Remote Control?).  Over time the MTV changed the style of their programming with success with neat animation programing(Beavis and Butthead anyone), funny sketch comedy(The State), odd ball variety programming(I really need to find a DVD collection of Liquid Television) and news programs(did you know The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart got his start on MTV).  Until recently, they were all about music, and their high point was in the 80’s and early to mid 90’s.  One of the programs on MTV I used to watch religiously was every metalheads favorite program “Headbangers Ball”, a full hour of nothing but my favorite stuff in the world, Metal!!  In a way, these MVM posts are my homage to the great “Headbangers Ball”, and I wish that MTV would get it’s shit together and go back to making the great programming they did when they first started out and not these atrocious reality programs they show today(Did they forget what the M in MTV stands for??).  Today I will be bringing you some of my favorite music videos from the 80’s(I think this will have to be a 2 or even 3 parter), so go grab a Tab, tease your hair up nice and big, and put on your bleached jeans and enjoy the 80’s metal.

Suicidal Tendencies-Institutionalized

ST is one of those bands that just defines the attitude of metal perfectly.  They take no shit and stand up for what they believe in and don’t hold back on touchy subjects.  This is one of those songs that any metalhead(or anyone) around the world can relate to.  One thing I really love about ST is despite their name, they were one of the pioneering bands to really preach life and being positive.  So, who remembers this one on Bevis and Butthead?


If you love metal, they most likely you are well aware of Anthrax’s influence on metal today.  In essence this is a cover song, but Anthrax does such a great job covering it and adding their own style to it that it seems as if it is one of their own.  Check out Scott Ian with hair in this video!!

Faith No More-From Out of Nowhere

Faith No More released “The Real Thing” at the very end of 1989, but have been making music since the early 80’s.  On “The Real Thing” FNM recruited the most insane musical genius in the metal world, Mike Patton.  He brought a sound the band that really make them stand out from the rest of the pack.  They went on to release 3 more singles off “The Real Thing”, but those videos didn’t hit TVs until the 90’s, so expect some more of one of my all time favorite bands on the 90’s edition of MVM.  The video for “From Our of Nowhere” is FNM’s way of poking fun at the hair bands that were immensely popular during the 80’s.

Europe-The Final Countdown

Time for some Swedish cheese.  Honestly, try to watch this and not laugh your ass off and try to get this song out of your head tomorrow.  Oh hair metal, what were you thinking?  At least hair metal gave inspiration to some great modern metal bands and the music isn’t that bad when you don’t have to see how ridiculous some of the musicians were.

Journey-Separate Ways

Ok, for me, one of my biggest guilty pleasures is Journey.  I love this band, especially some of their older stuff.  They’ve got great riffs, wonderful musicianship, intricate songs(sometimes), and Steve Perry is one hell of a vocalist.  I was going to put the video for “Wheel of Time”, my favorite Journey song, but that was released in the 70’s, so check out what is probably one of the cheesiest videos of all time, “Separate Ways”.

Megadeth-Peace Sells

“I wanna watch the news!!!”   “This is the news.”  Enough said.

Motorhead-Ace of Spades

One of the most classic metal bands of all time.  Lemmy Kilmister pretty much wrote the book on no bs metal.  Motorhead doesn’t cut corners and consistently puts out in you face kick ass metal.  Try to go out and find a metalhead that doesn’t know “Ace of Spades”, and find a bar that doesn’t have it in their jukebox.

Queensrÿche – Queen Of The Reich

Queensrÿche, kings of the concept album.  This is their first single ever released and for the time shows great production in music video making, something that was very rare before MTV came along.  I like how this video reminds me of the crappy sci-fi movies and shows I used to watch when I was a kid.

Exodus-Toxic Waltz

Exodus is a very underrated band.  When someone talks about thrash metal in the 80’s I never hear anyone bring up Exodus, I don’t know why, these guys kick some serious ass.  One thing that really set them apart from their counter parts, the Big 4(sans Anthrax), is the music is brutal, but the attitude is fun loving and very positive.  Toxic Waltz is a blast to listen to, the waltz rhythm to metal.  I would love to see these guys live and see someone doing the waltz in the pits

Rush-Tom Sawyer

What is there to say about Rush that hasn’t already been said.  They are hands down the most influential band in progressive music today.  If it weren’t for these guys, bands like Dream Theater and Opeth would probably have quite a different style to them.  Here’s the video for one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite bands.  Enjoy!!!

Iron Maiden-Can I Play With Madness

In the metal world in the 80’s(and even today) Iron Maiden were the kings.  Every metal fan in the entire world loved and still loves Steve Harris and Co.  As a kid, I would go nuts when the video for “Can I Play With Madness” came on the little picture box in the living room and went even more crazy when there was the 4 seconds of Eddie the Head animated.  As a kid, that was the coolest thing ever and the closest I would get to an Iron Maiden cartoon.  I’ve always wondered whey Derrick Riggs(Eddies artist) and Iron Maiden never got together and did at least one Eddie the Head cartoon, given the wide array of promotional stuff Iron Maiden is known for.