Germany is one of my favorite counties to visit.  There’s so many cool things there.  Beer, culture, history, Oktoberfest, currywurst, bratwurst, bier, castles, punctual trains, cool people, clockwork, and more beer.  Germany also houses some amazing and influential metal bands. Today I will be bringing you some of the best Germany has to offer.  Deutschland, du bist wunderbar!!! Prost!!!  Frieden, Liebe, und Metall!!!


Blind Guardian-Bright Eyes

Here’s one of my all time favorite bands.  Starting out as a speed metal band and evolving into a greater beast, Blind Guardian has been amazing fans for over 25 years.  “Bright Eyes” is off their landmark album Imaginations from the Other Side.  “Bright Eyes” is part of a mini story withing Imaginations… which tells of a child that is abused and finds that the mirror in his room lets him see into another world(his imagination).  This song is about when the child gets too deep into his mirror/imagination and it starts to drive him insane.  Some intense and powerful stuff.  The video is pretty much a visual representation of the song mixed with some footage of Blind Guardian rocking out.  And bonus points if anyone can figure out what game the kid is playing in the video.(took me a bit to figure it out, but I think I know what it is)

Equilibrium-Der Ewige Sieg(The Eternal Victory)

Equilibrium recently blew me away when I came across their album Sagas(my review here).  After absorbing that album I picked up their latest release Rekreatur.  On that album Equilibrium underwent some changes in their line up and welcomed a new singer and a new drummer.  That ended up working great for the band.  The new singer is charismatic and the drummer beats the skins damn well.  “Der Ewige Sieg” is the single of said album and like the video, the band climbs high mountains and conquers.  The thing I love about this band is that they can be intensely brutal and at the same time, create happy and uplifting melodies.  When I listen to them, I always seem to feel in a better mood.

Helloween-I Want Out

Helloween are one of the top pioneering bands in the power metal genre.  They’ve been making music for over 25 years and even today are still releasing top quality material and putting on great live shows.  One thing I love about this band is how tongue in cheek they are and that definitely shows in this video.  They’re just a bunch of guys having fun making music and being goofy.  “I Want Out” is the single off Helloween’s power metal masterpiece Keeper of the Seven Keys Pt.II.

Scorpions-Rock You Like a Hurricane

Honestly, who doesn’t know this song.  The intro riff kicks ass, the vocals are top notch, and the chorus is sung at just about every sporting event around the globe.  This song skyrocketed Scorpions into international super-stardom.  “Rock You Like a Hurricane” is considered one of the best heavy metal songs of all time and is consistently referenced in modern pop culture everywhere.

Accept-Fast as a Shark

Accept are another highly influential band from Germany.  Their style influenced many in the thrash metal scene including bands such as Metallica and Anthrax.  The intro to this song is a German children’s song from the 1830’s called “Ein Heller und ein Batzen” (“A Farthing and a Penny”) and the band thought it would be a funny idea to put it in the song to contrast the heaviness.  What they did not expect is that it would spark controversy in Germany.  Unbeknownst to the band, “Ein Heller und ein Batzen” was a popular marching song of the Nazi’s, and many German fans did not find their joke funny.

In Extremo-Horizont

This is a folk metal band I just recently found out about and boy do I dig them.  In Extremo(At the Edge), founded in Berlin, started out taking various songs from the middle ages and translating and singing them in German.  Over time they started to add a metal edge to those songs and evolved into writing their own materiel inspired by medieval stories and lore.  In their home country they are highly successful, topping the German music charts multiple times.

Van Canto-Battery

“Hey guys!! Let’s start a cover band.”   “But all we got is a drum kit.”  “That’s no problem, I got an idea!!”  Van Canto takes the idea of a cappella to a whole new level.  They take popular metal songs and well, just listen to the hilarious madness they create.  Now along with covers they create original music also.  So, honestly, how many of you have done something like this while driving, in the shower, or watching Bevis and Butthead?

Finsterforst-Urquell(Primary Source)

While digging around doing some research for this little project here I came across this band.  I need to pick up an album by these guys, they’re f’n awesome.  To me they sound like Moonsorrow hopped up on happy pills.  I love it.  Unfortunately they don’t have any released videos, so enjoy the picture of the sunset and dig on this kick ass song.

Suidarka-The IXth Legion

Suidarka are a melodic metal band that takes inspiration from Celtic themes and the middle ages.  They are considered one of the most influential bands in the folk metal world and have been creating music for about 15 years.  I dig the mix of various vocal styles and the progressive elements of their songs.


Honestly, is it possible to make a list of things from Germany and not mention Rammstein?  Rammstein were the first band that I heard on the radio that didn’t sing in English, and they were also an industrial metal band being played on a non metal station.  Talk about breaking barriers.  I got the chance to see Rammstein in concert many years back, and damn, what an insane stage show they put on, you will never see pyrotechnics as amazing as the ones at a Rammstein show.  If these guys come to your area, check out the show, even if you don’t like the music you will get your moneys worth from the stage show.

For some reason, while making this list, I could not get this Saturday Night Live sketch out of my head.  Thank you Germany for taking Americas stereotype of Germans in good humor.


On a side note, what’s up with Youtube not letting you make some videos playable on anything other than Youtube.  I thought that it was created to share videos with people.  And also why wouldn’t a record label allow sharing of an official video?  In my opinion it would be in their best interest($$) to allow the official video to be placed in as many places as possible to gain the attention of as many people as possible.  It’s free advertising!  It’s not like people are going to miss the plug for the advertised video, it pops up at the end of every video posted from Youtube(who really pays attention to the ad anyway).  Anyways, I’m going to keep my format for structures sake.  OK, I’m done bitching, enjoy the metal!!!