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Pain of Censorship

I did some rambling about Pain of Salvation‘s latest video “Where it Hurts” over on “A Metal State of Mind“.  Check it out, leave your thoughts.  Peace, Love, and Metal


José Saramago-Blindness

Have you ever thought that everyone in the world is blind to reality.  That they don’t notice anything of importance going on around them and only think of themselves.  Portuguese author José Saramago definitely thought of that and took it a couple steps further and wrote a novel about a world where everybody becomes stricken with blindness.  Instead of writing a novel about a bunch of blind people bumping into things or writing an epidemic story, he writes a deep and philosophical novel about humanities worst and also its best, all with a truly unique writing style. Continue reading

Last night me, my wife, and my mother-in-law went to go see Italian band Davide Van De Sfroos in concert.  This would be the second time seeing them for me and the third for my wife and mother-in-law.  He played a sold out show at a local theater called Teatro Smeraldo in Milan supporting his latest album Yanez, and he is also gaining a lot of popularity in Italy due to his recent appearance on Sanremo(an Italian televised music festival/competition).  In the end, it was one hell of a show and greatly look forward to seeing them again.  So, onto a little bit of background information on Mr. Van De Sfroos and his music and band. Continue reading

Over the weekend I was in a Feltrinelli(a store in Italy that mainly sells books, but a lot of stores have music, games, movies, ect) and I came across the bargain bin.  As usual it was fill with tons of crap, but as experience has taught me, if you dig through enough crap, you’re sure to find a gem(don’t take that too literally ;)).  In my ventures I found a deeply discounted copy of Starcraft along with the expansion Brood War.  I also found a copy of Darksiders for the Xbox360, but that’s for another time.  Given the great price for the amount of content that was on the Starcraft disk, not having a computer powerful enough to run Starcraft II, and have played it many times in the past and lost my original disks, I bought it.  When I got home, installed it, and started playing I realized just how much I love playing that game and even though the visuals are a bit dated, it still holds up with many modern games, if not better, in the gameplay department.  So, I’ve decided to make a list of some of some games that really hold up today and have survived the test of time.  What classic games do you find yourself going back and playing, and what games do you think will still be a blast to play years in the future? Continue reading

Positively Metal

Head on over to “A Metal State of Mind” to check out my ramblings on the positivity and misconceptions of heavy metal.  Hope you enjoy reading and leave a comment or two.  Peace, Love, and Metal!!!!!

Ahhh, the 80’s.  Such an interesting time period.  During the 80’s a T.V. channel was launched that defined multiple generations.  Obviously, that channel was MTV.  The only place on T.V. where you could watch these things called music videos and watch other crazy pop culture programming(who remembers Remote Control?).  Over time the MTV changed the style of their programming with success with neat animation programing(Beavis and Butthead anyone), funny sketch comedy(The State), odd ball variety programming(I really need to find a DVD collection of Liquid Television) and news programs(did you know The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart got his start on MTV).  Until recently, they were all about music, and their high point was in the 80’s and early to mid 90’s.  One of the programs on MTV I used to watch religiously was every metalheads favorite program “Headbangers Ball”, a full hour of nothing but my favorite stuff in the world, Metal!!  In a way, these MVM posts are my homage to the great “Headbangers Ball”, and I wish that MTV would get it’s shit together and go back to making the great programming they did when they first started out and not these atrocious reality programs they show today(Did they forget what the M in MTV stands for??).  Today I will be bringing you some of my favorite music videos from the 80’s(I think this will have to be a 2 or even 3 parter), so go grab a Tab, tease your hair up nice and big, and put on your bleached jeans and enjoy the 80’s metal. Continue reading

Every once in a while an album comes from nowhere and just completely blows my mind.  One of these rare albums is Colors by Between the Buried and Me.  I had caught a little buzz about this band, but for some reason just kept not checking them out.  One day I was browsing the I-tunes store and took a chance and picked it up not knowing of the absolute insanity on the album(note, DO NOT BUY THIS ON I-TUNES, there is an error on the tracking and the ends of all the songs are cut off and it destroys the seamless nature of the album).  After the download finished I was left speechless after the first song.  Between the Buried and Me have now become one of my all time favorite bands of all time.  I own all the albums, have seen them live a number of times, met them(they’re really funny guys), and will continue to pick up anything that has their name on it. Continue reading

I will be now making some guest posts on A Metal State of Mind on various subjects.  It’s a great site for all fans of metal. Stop on by and check it out, and leave you thoughts and join the community.  Peace, Love, and Metal!!!

Germany is one of my favorite counties to visit.  There’s so many cool things there.  Beer, culture, history, Oktoberfest, currywurst, bratwurst, bier, castles, punctual trains, cool people, clockwork, and more beer.  Germany also houses some amazing and influential metal bands. Today I will be bringing you some of the best Germany has to offer.  Deutschland, du bist wunderbar!!! Prost!!!  Frieden, Liebe, und Metall!!! Continue reading

I first found out about Isis by catching them opening for a Tool concert during the summer of 2006.  Me and my friends got to the show a bit early and we were able to get some comfy spots on the lawn with a nice view of the stage.  I happened to be in quite a relaxed mood that day and the weather was beautiful.  While we were waiting for the show to start I just laid down on the grass and stared up at the clouds and watched as the day slowly shifted into twilight.  It was during this time while I was in my little sky gazing trance that Isis took the stage.  Having never heard of the band before and happy in my own little world I just kept on gazing into the sky.  As I let myself go into pure relaxation I felt upon my back the hum of the droning bass lines that Isis was playing on stage.  Then my ears started to pick up the guitar tones, ethereal vocals and soft beat of the drums, deeper into my trance I went, still staring up at the sky.  Then the crescendo of the song that Isis was playing burst into deeper and more grand sounds, as that happened, a flock of birds glided through the sky.  And as the song reached its heaviest moments with its droning bass and weightless, wavering guitar giving my back one of the best massages ever the harsh vocals and heavier drums kicked in and I found myself completely lost in a pure trance from which I never wanted to return.  For Isis’ entire set I just left myself in that state of pure bliss, absorbing every note through osmosis, feeling the energy of the Earth pass through me, and observing the beauty of the sky. Continue reading