Well, since there has been such an influx of great new Finnish metal albums pouring in this month I thought I would continue my Worldwide Metal theme with an episode dedicated to the country that seems to be producing some of the best metal in the world right now.  Without any further ado, here’s your Finnish metal!!!

Hevisaurus – Jee Hevisaurus

The Finnish kids favorite dinosaur can eat your kids favorite purple dinosaur.  Seriously, this is what I call great music for kids.  No wonder the Finns grow up loving metal when they grow up loving stuff like this.  And it’s presented in such a positive manner that no one can say that it’s warping kids minds.  This band is huge in Finland topping Finnish record sales charts.  It’s great that there’s something out there that both kids and parents can both genuinely like.  Producers of the other dinosaur kids shows, start taking notes, parents will love you.

Children of Bodom- Lookin’ Out My Backdoor

Children of Bodom are one of the biggest success stories out of Finland going on huge worldwide tours and topping sales charts in multiple countries.  I have to admit I didn’t care for them when I first heard them when I caught them in concert quite a few years back.  Must have been an off night for them, it happens, so whatever.  I’m happy I gave them another chance, I dig their balance of extreme metal and power metal.  For the video I had to go with the cover of “Lookin’ Out My Back Door” originally by CCR because, well if you haven’t noticed this blog has some subtle references to “The Big Lebowski” and every time I hear this song I think of The Dude.

Finntroll- Under Bergets Rot(Under the Root of the Mountain)

In Finnish folklore there exists a troll that eats the Christian invaders that came to Finland to violently force their beliefs upon the peaceful pagan people of the country. Finntroll take those folklore stories and songs and just go wild with them adding elements of extreme metal and Finnish huumpa music(it’s kinda like polka music).  Finntroll is most certainly one of the most tongue in cheek bands out there taking themselves just serious enough to make their music not a complete joke.  Actually their most recent album “Nifelvind” was quite a mature album but still contained parts that made me laugh out loud.  I love the animation in this video.  Remind me, if I end up in a troll bar, don’t overdo it on the Flaming Moes, I could end up with a troll-a-plasty.  On a side note, Henri Sorvalli, a main songwriter and keyboard player in Finntroll also masterminds with his cousin Valle Sorvalli Moonsorrow, boy does that dude have some skill.

Ensiferum- From Afar

In Finland there is no shortage of epic metal bands.  Ensiferum(Sword Bearer, more direct Iron Bearer) are one of the best that epic metal has to offer.  Their songs make me want to grab a sword and shield and storm the gates of Mordor.  They write catchy, beautiful, and brutal battle hymns mainly about the history of their country and also stories that they create themselves.  This is one band you may have never heard that I highly recommend.

Moonsorrow- Tyven+Sankarihauta(Serene+A Warriors Grave)

Ahhh, Moonsorrow, how do I love thee, let me count the ways.  One, your music is gorgeous. Two, your music is the very definition of epic.  Three, your songs are introspective.  Four, even though I don’t understand what you are saying you portray your emotions so perfectly musically that I can’t not understand what you are feeling.  Five, your songs speak so great of nature and warriors of old.  If you haven’t noticed by now I have a certain affinity for this band.  There are very few bands that stimulate and inspire my imagination like Moonsorrow does.  If you havn’t checked these guys out before and have an open mind toward metal, do so.  And check out my thoughts on Kivenkantaja and Varjoina kuljemme kuolleiden maassa.

Stratovarius- Hunting High and Low

Stratovarius are one of the pioneering bands in the European power metal scene.  Highflying vocals and fun and technical instrumentation make these Finns one of the best in the genre.  And after 20 years of music making their still flying high with their latest album “Elysium“.  “Hunting High and Low” off of the album “Infinite” is my favorite song from Stratovarius, I dig the upbeat music and uplifting vocals.

Turisas- Rasputin

Here’s another great epic metal band from Finland.  Turisas just keep getting better album after album and I’m looking forward to hearing their latest “Stand Up and Fight”.  Look for my thoughts on it in the near future.  Since I included the only other official video of Turisas in a previous edition of MVM I’m putting up their video for their 70’s disco cover of “Rasputin”, it’s a funny video and a funny song, Turisas does and excellent job of metaling up the disco.

Korpiklaani- Metsämies(Forest Man)

Beer, alcohol, the forest, trees, nature, and history are all things that Korpiklaani loves and loves to sing about.  These guys are just a party in a can, once you open it up you can’t stop listening.  “Metsämies” is a song about the hard life of a lumberjack in Finland.  I love the happy nature of this song, it makes me want to swill gallons of beer and dance arm in arm with my buddies.  Great fun.

Amorphis- Silver Bride

Amorphis is a band where the name fits the band perfectly.  There is no shape or structure to how they sound.  Some songs are hardcore death metal, some are power metal, some are ballads, and some just rock, like my video selection for them “Silver Bride”.  If you are a fan of bands such as Nevermore, Evergrey, or In Flames, Amorphis is worth your time checking out, they consistently produce some great music.  And is it just me, or does the singer remind you of Capt. Jack Sparrow in this video.