Usually when I tell someone to check out an album made by one of my buddies bands, I’m usually talking out of my ass to help said friend sell a couple of cd’s(except for Lungbuster and Midevil, you guys seriously kick ass and make great music!!!=oD).  The Lovely Savalas is a rock band hailing from Italy and is led and fronted by my buddy Angelo.  Pornocracy, released by American indie label Aboveground Records, is their first full length LP.  And I’m not searching for brownie points or just “trying to help a friend out” when I say that Pornocracy is a great album.  It’s full of catchy tunes, pointy hooks, groovin’ rhythms, and some big name guest musicians such as Martyn LeNoble(Porno For Pyros, Jane’s Addiction), Nick Olivieri(Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age, Mondo Generator), and Massimo Pupillo(Mike Patton, ZU).

Pornocracy starts off with a bang with the groovy track “All the Presidents Girls”.  Trippy drums, catchy guitar hooks and elastic vocals really make this a fun song to listen to.  Following that is “Dive”.  I like the Incubus inspired verses contrasted with poppy, yet emotional chorus.  Up next is the first single off the album “Fashion Girl”.  The guitars hooks sink into you deep and don’t let you go and the bass keeps you head a-bobbing.  Next is one of my favorite songs of the album “Trust No One”.  This is just a damn fun and catchy song you will find yourself humming long after you’ve finished listening to the album.

After the first five songs, Pornocracy takes a turn and changes from being a good pop rock album to being a psychedelic rock album with a bit of experimentation thrown in for good measure.  “Shine On Me Tonight” starts off as a pretty standard rock ballad but by the end it transforms into a psychedelic meltdown complete with saxophone breakdown, a great and interesting song.  Other stand-out songs are “The Others”, a groovy yet somber number and the title track “Pornocracy”, a trippy insturmental song.  Closing out the album is “Armadillo”, which is hands down my favorite song on the album.  The bass grooves to all hell and the guitars, drums, sax and vocals create a slab of “stoner rock” that I would be happy to light my doobie with.

So, all in all, Pornocracy is a fun and diverse album peppered with many different styles of music and is a worthy addition to your music collection.  Bravissimo Angelo, keep on rockin’!!!!!  You can purchase the album HERE and you can “like” them and listen to some songs on Facebook HERE.