I’ve said many times in the past that I can’t stand electronic music.  Well, I feel like a bit of a horses ass now that I look back on that statement.  I think I should clarify that up a bit, I hate the electronic music that is played in dance clubs and stuff that bludgeons you upside the head with repetitious bass beats and futuristic nonsensical voices emitted by a computer, like Techno, House, Club, or what ever else it’s referred to as.  I just can’t get into it, it doesn’t make me want to dance the way other man-made forms music do, it makes my head hurt.

But because I don’t like popular electronic music doesn’t mean I don’t like all elements of it.  I like it when bands use it to add a bit more emotion or fun to a song, and I like it when someone uses a computer to create a cool melody.  Case in point, video game music, especially the music from the NES, SNES, Sega Genesis era.

During the early inception of video games programmers were able to make music and sound effects for their games with monotonic bleeps, sweeps, and creeps through a single channel, thus limiting the developers and holding them back from creating any memorable scores.  When the Nintendo Entertainment System(the Famicom earlier in Japan) rolled along in the 80’s the technology for creating music in video games had greatly increased.  Instead of having a one channel to push music through, programmers now had seven.  Without getting into technological specifics, the developers now had the ability to create actual melodies and drum beats.  And by the time the “Super Nintendo era” came around the technology had advanced to the point where “orchestral scores” could be achieved.

Now, a bit more about me.  I love me some video games, and being in my early 30’s, the games that stick with me the most are the games I played in my youth, mainly on the NES, SNES, arcade cabinets, and Sega Genesis.  I also love me some music, especially metal, which I also got into at an early age.  The bands that I am most attracted to most often create good melodies that remain in my head long after I’ve listened to them such as Iron Maiden, Blind Guardian, and other various metal artists.  And the key to making a good song in a video game is to create a great catchy melody.  See where I’m trying to go with this? =o)

So today I am going to be putting up what I think are the most “metal” songs from video games(or songs that have been metalized very well), mainly from the aforementioned eras.  I will also put up the metal cover version of song to.   So without any further ado…….

Castlevania 2-Bloody Tears —- Metaled Out Version

Castlevania 3- Beginning song —-  Metaled Out Version

Mega Man 2- Dr. Wily Stage 1-2 —- Metaled Out Version

Super Mario Bros.- Bowsers Castle —- Death Metaled Out Version

Legend of Zelda 2-Intro Theme —- Metaled Out Version

Contra- Jungle Theme —-   The ↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← →  B A Select Start Version

Mortal Kombat Theme(can’t find the original version, so here’s the “techno” version) —- Much Improved Metaled Out Version

Ninja Gaiden- Act 4-2 (I honestly can’t believe I ever finished this game) —- Metaled Out Version

Tetris Theme A (not exactly metal, but just wanted to post the great metal cover=oD) —- Metaled Out Version

Final Fantasy IV(or II for non-purists)-Red Wings Theme —-  Metaled Out Version

Final Fantasy VII-Bombing Mission —- Original Composer Metaled Out Version

Doom– Everything, almost all the songs are renditions of metal classics by artists like Pantera, Metallica, Megadeth, Alice in Chains, and Slayer.