This week I was planning on reviewing Korpiklaani’s new album “Ukon Wacka”, but because music stores find it more important to order tons of Korn albums that no one is going to buy than to order the new releases of the week I have to wait till next Tuesday to pick up my copy(except for Mariposa Milano Cd store, who admitted that they made a mistake and placed their order for the American release date, so they are forgiven.  And if you happen to be in Milan, check the store out, they got a great selection of metal albums and merch, they’re located at the Duomo metro stop, the most central place in Milan), so I should have my review for it up on Wednesday or Thursday.

So, today I bring you another edition of Music Video Mania!!  This one is dedicated to fans of metal, and music in general.  Fans are what make the world of metal go round.  Without the fans buying albums, going to shows, picking up merch and t-shirts, and most importantly, talking about and spreading word of their favorite bands, the world of metal would cease to turn.  Some fans start blogs to talk about metal, some fans start cover bands, some fans wear their favorite bands t-shirts till they are rags, some fans invite other friends to metal shows, others just talk with others about metal, but whatever they do they strengthen the metal community.  This edition goes out to the people who take the time and use their talents to make their own music videos to their favorite songs and post them up on youtube.  I’ve posted quite a lot of videos and there is others I don’t want to leave out, so in the future I will do another editon of Music Video Mania for the fans of metal.  If there are fan videos that any of you out there know about, let me know!!!!  Since there are so many fan videos out there, it’s hard to find them all.  Hope you all enjoy this edition as much as I enjoyed making it.  Peace, Love, and Metal!!!!

One More Magic Potion-Ensiferum

This video is quite the success story.  The creator of the video, Celine Lester, made this as a school project and Ensiferum saw it and liked it so much that they talked to Spinefarm Records, their label, and it was released as an official video for the song.  That’s pretty damn righteous.

And Then There Was Silence-Blind Guardian

Legos are awesome, and so is Blind Guardian.  The person who made this video definitely put a lot of work into playing out the story of  Blind Guardians epic song “And Then There Was Silence”.  So to the creator of this video, I say “Thank you and outstanding work,  keep it up!!”

Battle Metal-Turisas

This one is kind of cheating.  Turisas wanted to say thank you to all their wonderful fans, so they asked them all to send in footage of them rocking out to their songs.  They took all the footage they received and made the official video for “Battle Metal”.  So in the end, it’s the fans that made this video.  It’s always nice when a band goes out of their way to do something special for the people who made them what they are.

Slaget Vid Blodsälv-Finntroll

This one cracks me up.  The author does a great job of editing Tom & Jerry cartoons to fit the music of Finntroll.  Epic Win!!

Retrovertigo-Mr. Bungle

I know this isn’t exactly a metal band, but they are a band I have extremely high respect for, especially Mike Patton.  This is one top quality fan made video, superb camera work and production.  It’s got emotion, passion, and it gave me nightmares.  This tops the scale on the demented creepiness factor.  If you watch only one video on this list, make it this one.

Metal by Numbers-Brian Posehn

I’ve known about Brian Posehn’s comedy since he starred on HBO’s “Mr. Show” in the 90’s.  He makes it well known that he is a metal fan whenever he gets the chance to.  This is his love letter to metal.  And what a better way to show your love for something than making fun of it.  Any metal fan will have their sides splitting laughing at this one, from the cookie monster vocals to the Megadeth joke, this is a true winner.  And Scott Ian plays guitars for him!!!

Terra Santa-Folkstone

This fan took some scenes from the movie “Kingdom of Heaven” and mixed them with the song “Terra Santa” by Italian metal band Folkstone.  For non-Italian speakers, Terra Santa means Holy Land and the song is about the Crusades and the music and themes fit the wonderful editing job very well.  Here’s a translation of the lyrics I did(with a little help from my wonderful wife=oD)

Reign of Terror-Rhapsody of Fire

War is terrible.  Absolutely one of the worst things on this planet.  Nobody should be a part of it or experience it.  And I hope for a day when every single person in the world can live in harmony and not fight one another.  This fan video of Rhapsody of Fire’s “Reign of Terror” shows what a horrible thing war is through historical images and videos and fits the message of the song perfectly.  Even though the song is based around a fantasy story with dragons and magic, the theme of it is “war is hell and needs to stop” and fits in with things that are going on in the world today.


I never knew mathematics could be so interesting.  The author of this video shows how the Fibonacci sequence is cleverly used in Tools masterpiece, Lateralus.  I will never look at a spiral the same way again.

Beer Beer-Korpiklaani

While my Grandma and Julia Child were big inspirations for me to join the world of professional cooking, the Swedish Chef was the one who made cooking look super fun(and it is, when you’re not swamped with orders that need to go out yesterday).  So what we have here is a great editing job of the Swedish Chef and Animal singing and playing along to Korpiklaani’s super-fun song “Beer Beer”.  It’s a great laugh!!!

The Bards Song(In the Forest) Live-Blind Guardian

If you’ve ever been to a Blind Guardian concert, chances are you know every single word to this song.  It’s something quite magical when almost the entire audience belts out every single word to “The Bards Song”(and in tune) and Hansi just helps guide them along letting his audience have the spotlight.  Like I said, it’s always great when a band does something cool for the fans.