Ok, so this is something I am going to do on a weekly basis from now on, or maybe a couple times a week if I happen to be bored.  I am going to post a handful of music videos, sometimes there will be a theme, sometimes they will be completely random selections.  Let me know if y’all have any ideas for themes and or have a band you would like me to include.  For today I am going to start off this segment completely random.  Enjoy!!!!

Blut im Auge-Equilibrium

For my first video, I’m going to go with the first and only single off the album “Sagas” by Equilibrium, the first album I reviewed on this blog.  Basically it’s a real neat effect of ink dropping onto sheets of paper revealing the band members jamming out. Cool stuff.  But man does that song kick some major f’n ass.  When I listen to it I feel as if I could run a thousand mile at full speed non stop, climb Mt. Fuji, and stop the Titanic from sinking all in the 5 min the song plays.

Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver-Primus

Quirky, strange, odd, insane, barrel-full-of-monkeys, and fun are some words that come to my mind when I think of Primus.  This video all of those and more.  Who can’t laugh at Les, Ler, and Herb in their silly plastic oddball cowboy costumes and the follow-the-bouncing-ball type subtitles.  Saying Primus makes “interesting” videos is an understatement, and “WBBB” is definitely one of their most “interesting”.


Sometimes a nice simple video of the band doing their thing with some flashy lights is pretty damn bad ass.  And this is pretty damn bad ass in my book.  P.S.-If Unearth ever stumbles upon this here blog, read, don’t ever bring those big flashy lights you use in this video to small club concerts, I think I needed a stronger prescription of glasses after being blinded by those things.

Burning Beard-Clutch

I don’t think subtle is the correct word to describe this video.  What you have Neil Fallon looking like a preacher escaped from an insane asylum intensely rambling what we think is nonsense to a congregation of the “robots of the nation” while performing levitations and spontaneous combustions and no one(er, no robot) dares questioning him.  And he’s got an epic beard.

Davidian-Machine Head

Cornrows Robb?? Seriously, cornrows??  Well, this is just your standard early 90’s metal video.  Mosh pits and stage diving, check.  Dusty urban environments, check.  People looking angry, check.  But, damn does this song kick some major ass.