Do you love thrash metal?  Do you love Arnold Schwarzenegger movies?  Do you love to laugh?  Well, if you answered yes to those questions, boy do I got a great album recommendation for you.  Austrian Death Machine is a novelty metal band created by Tim Lambesis(of As I Lay Dying) where all the songs  deal with “the stunning images and powerful emotions”(as put by vocalist Ahh-nold) of the Governators film masterpieces.  While the idea of making a novelty album usually ends up in something that’s funny only the first few times you hear it, Total Brutal breaks that trend.  The album is straight forward thrash metal that rivals the likes of Anthrax and Slayer.  The riffs are fast and catchy, the solos are blistering, the drums induce fits of headbanging, and the vocals are Schwarzeneggarian.

All the songs are based on movies such as Total Recall, Predator, Kindergarten Cop, The Running Man, and of course The Terminator.  The lyrics are always hilarious and the interludes between tracks are even more funny.

What makes this album so great is the fact that it’s not trying to be serious, more extreme-than-thou, or change the metal world.  It’s just plain ol’ fun with instruments and you can tell everyone who was a part of this album had a great time making it.  And even though the band isn’t being serious about everything, they still write some really killer riffs and catchy songs that still hold up really well almost 3 years later, and I will definitely be popping this album again in the future when I need a good healthy dose of metal and humor.

As Ahh-nold says on the album, “By now your wondering why all the songs sound the same.  Of course they sound the same!!! They’re all BRUTAL!!!!!”  And that’s exactly what this album is.  Check it out and laugh your ass off.