The recent announcement that the gutter trash cast from MTV’s hit show “Jersey Shore” are now infesting the beautiful country that I now call home, Italy, led me to want to show the world what good things New Jersey has given the world.  I think that there’s enough to cover up that atrocious, herpes ridden, dark stain that Snooki left when she sat down on my wonderful home state, and hopefully in time nobody will notice them anymore.


New Jersey have given the world some great music over the years.  Big name rock and metal bands such as Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, Skid Row, Zack Wylde, Overkill, and Symphony X.  In jazz there’s Count Basie and Dizzy Gillespie.  Although not my forte, the hip-hop scene is quite strong in NJ, with artist and groups such as The Fugees, Queen Latifah, Redman, Naughty By Nature, Ice-T, and the legendary SugarHill Gang.  The hardcore and punk scene includes bands such as The Misfits, Bouncing Souls, and Streetlight Manifesto.  There’s the legendary Stone Pony night club in Asbury Park.  And a little know singer know as Mr. Frank Sinatra comes from NJ also.

Oh, and please forget My Chemical Romance and The Jonas Brothers ever happened please, NJ is not proud of those two.


New Jersey is home to acclaimed film director Kevin Smith(Clerks, Dogma), is from and films many of his earlier movies in NJ.  Actually this scene in Chasing Amy was filmed in the hockey arena in Bricktown, the town I grew up in.

Lots of famous actors too!! Danny DeVito, Jack Nicholson, Michael Douglas, Ozzie and Ricky Nelson, James Gandolfini, Ed Harris, Joe Pesci, William Abbot and Lou Costello(of Abbot and Costello), Tara Reid, Kirsten Dunst, Kevin Spacy, Ray Liotta, Lee Van Cleef, Meryl Streep, and John Travolta just to name a few.


New Jersey is home to the two greatest achivements in the sandwich world.  The first is submarine sandwich chain aptly named “Jersey Mikes”.  They started in the shore town of Pt. Pleasent and made famous the simple recipe of a long soft hoagie roll filled with your choice of filling and personalized it by adding a dousing of oil and vinegar.  I’ve had subs all over the states and none hold a candle to the quality of Jersey Mikes.

The other great thing is NJ’s answer to Spam, Pork Roll.  It’s a salty and tangy sausage like meat that is traditionally fried in thin slices and served on a hard roll with fried eggs, American cheese, black pepper and ketchup.  If you ever visit NJ, be sure to stop into a local deli and ask for a Pork roll, egg and cheese, you will not be disappointed.

New Jersey is called the “Garden State”, and it got that name for a reason.  Famous produce from NJ are the larger than life Jersey tomatoes, sweet white corn, tangy peaches, sweet blueberries, and my all time favorite Jersey food, Cranberries.  Salt water taffy is a delicious treat that was originated in Atlantic City.  And we share the invention of bagels with New York.


NJ is the home of 2 of the 3 New York football teams, The Jets and The Giants.  The Giants have 3 Superbowl wins, and my Jets have 1 Superbowl win and 1 in 1969 and hopefully next year they win that championship game and go all the way.  There’s the NJ Devils hockey team, they have 3 Stanley Cup wins under their belt and are one of the stongest teams in professional hockey today.  The NJ Nets basketball team are from NJ, but they’re ditching us for New York next year, so screw them.  Oh, and Shaquille O’Neil is from NJ.


The following authors come from NJ.  George R.R. Martin(go read “A Song of Ice and Fire” today!!) Allen Ginsburg, Philip Roth, and Steven Crane.  Not a lot in this department, I guess the genius of those four is enough.

Other Famous People

Let’s see, there’s the second man on the moon Buzz Aldrin. The only president not to serve two consecutive terms, Grover Cleavland.  Making people fatter with his hamburger chain, Dave Thomas, proprietor of Wendy’s.  Illusionist David Copperfeild appeared from NJ. The famous duelist Aaron Burr is from and dueled and fatally wounded Alexander Hamilton in 1804.  Thomas Edison lit up his ideas in NJ.  And Albert Einstein live the final part of his life in NJ.

In closing, please remember all the great things NJ has given to the world the next time you turn on your tv and a troll and a bunch of ogres try too decrease your intelligence level.