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Well, since there has been such an influx of great new Finnish metal albums pouring in this month I thought I would continue my Worldwide Metal theme with an episode dedicated to the country that seems to be producing some of the best metal in the world right now.  Without any further ado, here’s your Finnish metal!!! Continue reading


After my review of Moonsorrow’s “Varjoina kuljemme kuolleiden maassa” I got to thinking(don’t worry, I didn’t hurt myself too bad).  When I look back at some of my all time favorite albums, a lot of them are concept album.  I love the idea of telling a story through music and appreciate when a band holds a common theme, musically, lyrically, or both, throughout a full album.  For me, the concept album turns a collection of songs into one big event, therefore making listening to an album front to back much more satisfying.  So today, I am going to share a handful of my favorite concept albums(limiting one album per band) with you all.  And, my dear readers, what are some of your favorite concept albums? So let’s get started!! Continue reading

What’s left of the dim moonlight futilely dances around the blackened night sky attempting  to reflect off the mist of precipitation and but it is sent back to darkness by the ash that is mixed with.  A single, hair thin beam of somehow pursues through the gauntlet of grey ash and darkness and meets its end upon meeting what was once a great tree of spruce.  When the determined ray of light lands on the anemic and ravaged tree his once majestic branch gives way and crumbles to the ground covering the men resting below it in a shower of dust and charcoal.  Wiping the darkness from his brow one of the men looks down at his feet and says to his companion, “Well, at least we’re lucky enough to have found this river so we can clean some of this soot off.  Or we could just leave it, the dark can camouflage us from some of the more desperate ones out there.  What ya think buddy?”

The man turns to the other, who is sitting silently close the river and says to him, “Look at that river, as a child I used to swim and play in here.  Now it’s filled with nothing but the poison of the dead and the rust of the technology which ruined us, where did we go wrong?” Continue reading

Usually when I tell someone to check out an album made by one of my buddies bands, I’m usually talking out of my ass to help said friend sell a couple of cd’s(except for Lungbuster and Midevil, you guys seriously kick ass and make great music!!!=oD).  The Lovely Savalas is a rock band hailing from Italy and is led and fronted by my buddy Angelo.  Pornocracy, released by American indie label Aboveground Records, is their first full length LP.  And I’m not searching for brownie points or just “trying to help a friend out” when I say that Pornocracy is a great album.  It’s full of catchy tunes, pointy hooks, groovin’ rhythms, and some big name guest musicians such as Martyn LeNoble(Porno For Pyros, Jane’s Addiction), Nick Olivieri(Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age, Mondo Generator), and Massimo Pupillo(Mike Patton, ZU). Continue reading

Video Game Metal

I’ve said many times in the past that I can’t stand electronic music.  Well, I feel like a bit of a horses ass now that I look back on that statement.  I think I should clarify that up a bit, I hate the electronic music that is played in dance clubs and stuff that bludgeons you upside the head with repetitious bass beats and futuristic nonsensical voices emitted by a computer, like Techno, House, Club, or what ever else it’s referred to as.  I just can’t get into it, it doesn’t make me want to dance the way other man-made forms music do, it makes my head hurt. Continue reading

For many people, metal isn’t just music, it’s a way of life, it’s an attitude and can not be put into words.  The way of metal is quite universal around the globe, but the styles of expression found  in different regions differ.  European bands seem to be more influenced by their culture, The U.S.A and is more influenced by current events and current states of mind, Middle Eastern bands put a lot of their culture and also current events into their sounds.  There is no rule to which region creates certain metal sounds, but it’s quite evident that certain styles are more popular in different areas. Continue reading

I don’t know how Korpiklaani does it.  Since their first album “Spirit of the Forest” was released in 2003, they’ve been able to release 6 more albums.  All of those albums, including the first one, are usually quality releases.  You would think that on the 7th album in 7 years(I can help not to think of “7th Son of a 7th Son” right now, lol) the bands sound would start to get diluted, but no, Ukon Wacka is hands down one of the best Korpiklaani albums by far.  When I hit the end of the album I was pleasantly surprised how each song on this album really stands out from the others on the album.  Each song is unique, catchy, and most important of all, fun.  I think that the blurb on the promo sticker on the front of the cd hit the nail on the head, “Made me wanna drink Moonshine and dance butt naked in the moonlight.”(Inferno, Fin) Continue reading

I wouldn’t call myself a religious person.  I don’t want to attach myself to a specific sect and probably, till the day I pass on, I’ll wonder if everything I was taught in school was true(I went to Catholic grade school).  However, I do find myself to be quite a spiritual person, I believe that some higher entity put the Big Bang into motion and that we are all made up of energy/a soul and if we are good people our energy/soul will pass onto something bigger and better(ie. Heaven, reincarnated into something better than we are now, feed the universe and ultimately make it better, ect.), but that’s just me.  I really don’t care for the constitutions of religions, but one thing I do like about religions is most of them say the same things, “Be a good person” and “Each individual is unique” and those are things that I can get behind.

So, why am I talking about religion and spiritual beliefs on my album review/recommendation.  Continue reading

So, let’s start up the age old metal argument.  Metallica vs. Pantera.

I’m going with Pantera because I prefer their balls-to-the-wall, break stuff and throw shit everywhere approach over Metallica’s nice, clean, and tight approach.  Both bands have ground breaking albums, but in the end nothing pumps me up more than Pantera’s classic albums “Vulgar Display of Power” and “Far Beyond Driven”.

Disclaimer: I love both bands, but, in my opinion, I prefer Pantera.  Please no trashing other commenters, say why you like one or the other, back it up, and respect other peoples opinions=oD

This week I was planning on reviewing Korpiklaani’s new album “Ukon Wacka”, but because music stores find it more important to order tons of Korn albums that no one is going to buy than to order the new releases of the week I have to wait till next Tuesday to pick up my copy(except for Mariposa Milano Cd store, who admitted that they made a mistake and placed their order for the American release date, so they are forgiven.  And if you happen to be in Milan, check the store out, they got a great selection of metal albums and merch, they’re located at the Duomo metro stop, the most central place in Milan), so I should have my review for it up on Wednesday or Thursday.

So, today I bring you another edition of Music Video Mania!!  This one is dedicated to fans of metal, and music in general.  Fans are what make the world of metal go round.  Without the fans buying albums, going to shows, picking up merch and t-shirts, and most importantly, talking about and spreading word of their favorite bands, the world of metal would cease to turn.  Some fans start blogs to talk about metal, some fans start cover bands, some fans wear their favorite bands t-shirts till they are rags, some fans invite other friends to metal shows, others just talk with others about metal, but whatever they do they strengthen the metal community.  This edition goes out to the people who take the time and use their talents to make their own music videos to their favorite songs and post them up on youtube.  I’ve posted quite a lot of videos and there is others I don’t want to leave out, so in the future I will do another editon of Music Video Mania for the fans of metal.  If there are fan videos that any of you out there know about, let me know!!!!  Since there are so many fan videos out there, it’s hard to find them all.  Hope you all enjoy this edition as much as I enjoyed making it.  Peace, Love, and Metal!!!! Continue reading