Here are some of my all time favorite songs in no particular order.  I’m allowing myself one song per band or else I would have a list filled with way too much Iron Maiden.

Between the Buried and Me-Mordecai

Here’s a link to the lyrics if you have a some trouble understanding the vocals.

BTBAM are one of the few bands that can take chaos and transform it into something so emotionally beautiful.  The beginning starts of in utter confusion with vocalist Tommy Rodgers screaming out his anger at the world/person for wanting him to be something that he is expected to be(“Why should I sit in your chair and satisfy your standards?”) and/or changing the way he goes about the way he does things, in his case, creating music, to satisfy the general consensus(“I learned to be selfish today… I learned to be alive. These things I care for are for my personal gain, my personal happiness only.”).

As the song progresses into the second part it makes a seamless metamorphosis into a dreamlike feeling and sound where he sings about awakening to his what he dreams(“Living dreams, loving dreams, awakening to what I’ve always dreamt of.”), in his case creating music(“The familiar sound, the familiar sound of the lovely love from the love of my life will keep the notes coming.”).  Next come the “awakening” in which there is there is the realization that there is pure happiness in doing what makes you happy followed by an emotionally charged guitar solo by Paul Waggoner(and one of the best of all time imo) that screams with release and freedom.

To sum it up, to me, this song is about following your dreams and passions no matter what anyone expects of you, and if you do so, you will always be free and happy.  I know it’s easier said than done, but it’s always nice to have a reminder=o)  And if your wondering how the title “Mordecai” fits in with the song, check out the movie “The Royal Tenenbaums”, Eli Cash’s(Owen Wilson) bird is named Mordecai.

Iron Maiden-Wasted Years

Picking a favorite Iron Maiden song was extremely difficult for me.  But, in the end I decided to go with the always fun to listen to, positively charged “Wasted Years”.  The meaning of this song is simple and relatable to just about anyone.  Simply put:

“So understand
Don’t waste your time
Always searching for those wasted years
Face up…make your stand
And realize you’re living in the golden years”

My favorite moments of the song are the killer tremolo picking on the super catchy intro riff, the top notch singing by Bruce Dickinson, and Adrian Smiths best guitar solo in his career with Iron Maiden(actually, this was the first single to be written by Adrian completely alone, giving Steve Harris a much deserved break).  Every time I hear this song I always feel more uplifted and in a wonderful mood, which is why I have chosen it for my top Iron Maiden song of all time.

Black Sabbath-A National Acrobat

How this song was never a number one hit for Black Sabbath blows my mind, it doesn’t even make it onto their “Best of” albums.  It’s a damn shame.  “A National Acrobat” includes one Sabbaths catchiest and bluesiest riffs ever written,  along with some extremely deep and spiritual lyrics, and a killer jam at the end.

As far as how I interpret the lyrics song, I believe it revolves around the concept of reincarnation.  In the sense that God created/is the earth/universe(as stated in the opening lines”I am the world that hides, The universal secret of all time, Destruction of the empty spaces, Is my one and only crime), and our energy/souls are always reincarnated into another form of life(“When little worlds collide, I’m trapped inside my embryonic cell, And flashing memories, Are cast into the never ending well).  And it is up to us to constantly put positive energy into ourselves, so when we are reincarnated into our next life the positive energy keeps growing(“Just remember love is life, And hate is living death, Treat your life for what it’s worth, And live for every breath).  I also see the question “Does even God really know what is going to happen us and our world given that we have free will?”(Still I look but not to touch, The seeds of life are sown, Curtain of the future falls, The secret stays unknown.”)  Lyrically there is a lot going on in this song, I’d like to see other people interpretations of this song, so drop a line and let me know what you think.

Add the killer words to some groovy Sabbath style riffing, and jam that really highlights of the talents of all the instrument playing Black Sabbath members, you got yourself a killer song.

Pantera-F*cking Hostile

So, what angry, confused, misunderstood, metal loving teenager could not love this song.  It’s got fast guitars, even faster drumming, and lots of cursing.  Lyrically it’s simple, your b.s. rules are pissing us off and making us f’n hostile.  And given, I was an angry, confused, misunderstood, metal loving teenager half my life ago, I absolutely adored this song.  So, going back and listening to it today, how does it hold up?  Well, pretty f’n good.

What still gets me about this song is it’s nothing but pure energy.  For the 2 minutes and 50 seconds the song plays, you want to do nothing but break shit, headband, and tell everyone who pisses you off to f’ off without worrying about hurting their feelings or losing your  job.  Hell, I’d go as far and say that this song can be therapeutic for some people.  Great song, and long live Dimebag Darrell.

Korpiklaani-Northern Fall

I’ve only recently discovered the amazing world of folk metal this past year.  And boy, what a great blend of music it is.  It has a lot of diverse styles and sounds and is always fun to listen to.  The one band that stands on the top of the lot for me is the Finnish group Korpikaani.  Out of all the bands out there doing the folk metal thing, these guys are the most fun to listen to and almost always make me want to dance, and  I love how there songs are about some of my favorite things, nature and beer!

“Norther Fall” is a super catchy song about the start of autumn, my favorite time of year.  I dare you to listen to this song and not want to smile and dance in the fall woods while drinking a huge stein of beer, it’s next to impossible.  Enjoy!!!!