2010 was a top notch year for music, so many great albums were released.  Here’s my top ten picks for 2010 A.D. Enjoy!!!#10-Monster Magnet-Mastermind

Hailing from my home-state of NJ, Monster Magnets 8th album is a straight up kick ass rock’n’roll album filled with classic Monster Magnet fare, odd ball lyrics, killer solos, and hooks galore.  Looks like Wyndorf and Co. are finally back on track.  Check out the video clip for “Gods and Punks”, my fave track off the album and a very well written video.

#9-Saturday Morning Apocalypse-Powerglove

Oldschool video game music and metal go together like peanut butter and chocolate, and Powerglove are the Reese’s of the game music and metal combo.  But, on this album Powerglove pull your nostalgia strings in a different way, instead of game covers, they go for the music from those beloved TV shows you would rush down super early on Saturday mornings to watch, as well as a couple movie themes.  Instead of straight up covers Powerglove tosses in a bit of their own power-metal flair into each song and it works magically.  As a bonus, for the first time ever, there’s vocals on 2 tracks done by Tony Kakko of Sonata Arctica.  I’m not a big Pokemon fan, but this is kick ass!!

#8-Mondo Cane-Mike Patton

Mike Patton has been one of my long time favorite music artists.  He always seem to put together the most oddball, but fully satisfying projects.  Mondo Cane(Dog’s World) is easily one of Mr. Pattons most unusual projects ever, and that’s saying a lot for the person that created albums of evil clown music and vocal throat noise(???), but it is also his most easily accessible album.  With a full orchestra and his amazing voice he covers 11 popular Italian vocal pop songs from the 50’s and 60’s.  He puts a bit of the “Patton” style on each song, but never drops the integrity them.  I had the pleasure of seeing him preform live(with orchestra) this summer in Milan and, WOW!! he did not disappoint, he definitely has one of the best voices in music today.

#7-Everything Remains(As It Never Was)-Eluveitie

With Everything Remains, Eluveitie continues to keep composing catchy and heartfelt folk metal tunes about the ancient history and lore of their native country Switzerland.  On this album they cleaned up their sound a bit and utilize the female vocalists and folk instruments much more.  Front to back this is a completely solid album, the only thing that they forgot to include were songs in the Gaulish language which were on their previous albums, but that’s a small gripe.

#6-Warp Riders-The Sword

I love me some concept albums, and this is one of the best composed in recent years.  There isn’t much to say that I didn’t put in my review of Warp Riders.  Great album check it out.  Here’s the video clip for my fave track off the album.

#5-The Frozen Tears of Angles+The Cold Embrace of Fear-Rhapsody of Fire

In 2010 Rhapsody has comeback with one hell of a vengeance.  A full length album containing some of the most epic songs that they have ever written along plus an accompanying EP, who ever said Italian are lazy, lol.  Included on these releases is some of the most insane guitar playing you will ever hear, Luca Turilli is at the top of his game here.  The rest of the band ain’t slouching either.  Fabio Lione really shows off his vocal skills, Alex Holzwarth destroy his skins, and Alex Staropoli rocks the hell out of his keys.  Oh, and they got Sarumon(Christopher Lee) to do some voice overs also!!!  Here’s a couple links to my favorite tracks off the albums, Reign of Terror, Danza di Fuoco e Ghiaccio.  Enjoy!!


Metal+Polka+Trolls, ’nuff said.  On Nifelvind these Finnish trolls find themselves on their most realized album to date.  Every song has catchy melodies and intense troll blabbering (Swedish).  If you’re into more extreme metal haven’t heard these guys yet check them out, they are one of the most fun, unique bands out there.  Awesome Video!!!

#3-Diamond Eyes-Deftones

Chaotic beauty is the first the first phrase that comes to my mind when I try to think of words to describe the Deftones.  For many years they have been perfecting their special brand of music.  On the surface it’s chaotic, crusty, and raw, but deeper down it’s ethereal, and utterly beautiful.  Diamond Eyes catches the essence of what the Deftones are perfectly.  Some songs groove, some flow, and others are surreal, and when put together they make for one of the best albums the Deftones have ever released.

#2-The Final Frontier-Iron Maiden

It’s no lie when I say I’m a huge Iron Maiden fanboy.  I have every album, B-side, countless T-shirts, memorabilia, coffee mugs, and even a huge tattoo of the single cover for “The Evil That Men Do” tattooed on my back.  So, it’s no surprise that a new Iron Maiden release will be on my “Best of the year” list even though they seemed to be losing some steam the past couple albums.  This realease though, WOW!!, Maiden kicks ass and takes names from front to back.  Without a doubt this is Iron Maiden’s best post-reunion album, actually, I enjoy it better than a couple pre-reunion albums.  It’s proggy, it’s technical, it’s fun, it’s Iron f’n Maiden.  Check out my “experimental” review of it.  Here’s a couple links to my top tracks off the record, “Mother of Mercy”, “When the Wild Wind Blows”.

#1-At the Edge of Time-Blind Guardian

Not only do I consider this masterpiece the best album of 2010, but I feel it is one of the best albums to be released in the past 10 years.  There is not a moment on this album that I’m not completely absorbed by the music and lyrics.  This album has everything, even the kitchen sink, orchestral symphonies, heartfelt ballads, headbanging metal, amazing singing and lyric writing, you name it, At the Edge of Time has it.  And in true Blind Guardian fashion all the songs are based around myth, literature, and fantasy novels.  As a bonus for me, 2 of the best songs, “War of the Thrones” and “A Voice in the Dark”, revolve around my favorite fantasy series, “A Song of Ice and Fire”.  The album is impeccably paced and the songs are placed in the perfect positions.  There isn’t a negative thing that can be said about this album,  Hansi’s vocals are powerful and clear, André’s guitar work is fun, fast, and emotional, and Frederik’s drumming is aggressive, mellow, technical, and as any great drummer, he holds everything perfectly in place.  Go out and buy this album!!!!!!!!! It’s so worth every penny.  Here’s a preview of a few more select tracks, “Curse My Name”, “Sacred”, “Control the Divine”.