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One of my favorite parts of the Christmas season is rewatching all of my favorite Christmas movies and tv shorts.  In all of these films there is something magical that always gets me into holiday spirit.  So, without any further ado, here are my favorite Christmas films.  Enjoy!!! and Happy Holidays!! Continue reading


2010 was a top notch year for music, so many great albums were released.  Here’s my top ten picks for 2010 A.D. Enjoy!!! Continue reading

I first found out about The Sword the old-fashioned way(well, old-fashioned for me).  I was flipping through the channels on the t.v. and noticed that the only redeeming thing on MTV was on, Headbangers Ball.  So, like a good little metalhead, I sat and watched some metal videos.  Unfortunately, that evening they were showing a bunch of crap and I was about to give up and change the channel.  Then, a video starts with the words “THE SWORD” flying from the screen with a snowy forest backdrop and a sludgy intro riff.  What ensued after was 4 minutes of kick ass, no-frills, old-fashioned metal.  From that moment I was complete sold.  The next day I went out and pick up their masterpiece album “Age of Winters”.  That was back in 2003. Continue reading