Fuck yeah!!!! Iron Maiden rules!!!! Buy this album now!!! end of review…

Ok, fan-boyism aside, this is, without a doubt, Maidens best post-reunion album.  Brave New World was super solid but toward the end it dragged on a bit.  The following two seemed to be filled with a lot of filler and sans a few standout tracks they didn’t really grab me in the way they used to grab me during my youth(not in that way you pervert!!).  “The Final Frontier” however is classic Maiden peppered with the progressive style they’ve been reaching for since they pulled it off on “7th Son of a 7th Son”.

Clocking in at 76 min. and 34 sec., The Final Frontier is quite a large meal to digest in one sitting, but damn does it taste good.  The antipasto for this meal is a nice futuristic plate named “Satellite 15…”.  It’s a nice little trippy opening that shows off Maidens more progressive rock side.  For the first course, you get 4 classic Maiden flavored dishes, the title track, “El Dorado”, “Mother of Mercy”, and “Coming Home”.  They definitely got my mouth watering and wanting some more.  “El Dorado” is particularly delicious with it’s super crunchy bass line, impeccably placed drum beats, and smooth vocal lines.

The next course brings out a bis of songs that show off the chefs’ chops.   “The Alchemist”, a song based on the the British alchemist and self proclaimed magician Edward Kelley(or Talbot depending on where you look), shows off Bruce Dickinson’s attention to vocals as well as Steve Harris’ lyric capabilities.  “The Isle of Aurlon”  lets Dave, Adrian, and Janick toss a bit of their special spices into the pot.  The end result an atmospheric,  triple layered twist of guitars held together by a base of smooth drum and bass playing and topped with buttery vocal melodies.

Next onto the table is a trio of tracks that show off Maidens moving forward and experimenting while never forgetting their roots.  “The Talisman” really left a pleasant taste in my ears with its tangy harmonies and solos.

Finally, Maiden saves the best part for last, dessert!!  A mouth-watering epic called “When the Wild Wind Blows”.  This song demonstrates why I am such a die-hard fan for the dishes that Iron Maiden cooks up.  Huge guitars, sick solos, catchy melodies and harmonies, bass lines to bang your head to,  up-beat drumming, thoughtful lyrics, and passionate singing.  This is the master chefs at the top of their game.

“The Final Frontier”, while being a bit hard to digest in one sitting due to its size and scope, will fully satisfy the hunger of any Iron Maiden or metal fan.  Up the Irons!!!!!!! 9.5 out of 10